Validity period for Provisional Driving Licence extended to 2 years

Posted on December 01, 2017.

SINGAPORE: The validity period of the Provisional Driving Licence (PDL) for learner motorists will be extended to two years from Friday (Dec 1), from its current period of six months.

In a news release on Thursday (Nov 30), the Singapore Police Force (SPF) said the change is to improve road safety and provide greater convenience to learner motorists.

“From Dec 1 onwards, newly issued or renewed PDLs will be valid for two years. The longer validity period will allow learner motorists more time to obtain their driving or riding licences,” SPF said.

Police added that existing road safety measures concerning PDL holders remain in place. For instance, PDL holders are only permitted to drive under the supervision of a licensed driving instructor.

SPF added that from Friday, learner motorists will have to submit PDL applications electronically using their SingPass accounts through its website.

With this change, the eyesight test for applicants which is currently administered by Traffic Police, will be conducted by the driving centres when the applicants enrol for driving lessons.


Police added that with effect from Friday, paper PDLs will no longer be issued and learner motorists will no longer be required to carry them around.

The PDLs will be electronic and learner motorists can access the status of their PDL application through SPF’s website.

Driving instructors or testers can verify the validity of a PDL when a student provides the electronic status of their PDL, SPF said.


Additionally, individuals aged 65 years and above will need to pass a medical examination when they apply for or renew their PDLs from Friday. As part of the examination, a medical practitioner will review the applicant’s medical history, vision, hearing and mobility.

“This will ensure that elderly learner motorists have the physical and mental fitness to operate vehicles safely on the roads,” SPF said.

Police added that individuals who have already met the medical examination requirements to hold a Qualified Driving Licence of another vehicle class need not undergo this medical examination.

Source: CNA/am