Personal Accident

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2. Particulars of Dependants to be Insured




Paid Child 1


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3. Details of Insurance


Core Plan
Add-on 1: Increase in Sum Insured for Accidental Death/Permanent Disablement
Add-on 2: Weekly Benefit for Temporary Disablement
Add-on 3: Daily Hospital Cash Allowance
Add-on 4: Health Care Assistance for Serious Injury
Add-on 5: Recovery Support for Serious Injury
Add-on 6: Lifestyle Protection
Add-on 7: Dependant Cover


4. Declaration

I/We confirm that the above information are complete and true and declare that (Please tick):
1. I/We are not aware of any circumstance which is likely to lead to a claim under this policy.
2. I/We have not made any claims for bodily injury or had been declined or accepted on special terms under a similar personal accident insurance in the last 2 years.
3. I/We do not intend to reside outside Singapore for more than 182 days.
4. I/We accept that the policy will not pay for any injury which arises from high risk occupations that are listed in the Policy wordings.


5. Additional Information



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