Three-quarter tank rule to apply to Singapore-registered diesel vehicles leaving country from April

Posted on January 03, 2019.

SINGAPORE – From April 1, Singapore-registered vehicles running on diesel will be required to have at least three-quarters of the tank filled when leaving Singapore via the land checkpoints.

The Singapore Customs said in a statement on Wednesday (Jan 2) that the expansion of the three-quarter tank rule is in line with the recent introduction of a usage-based diesel duty.

The measure, which was announced by Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat at Budget 2017, is meant to encourage drivers and fleet owners to use the fuel more judiciously and, consequently, pollute the air less.

Currently, the three-quarter tank rule applies only to Singapore-registered vehicles powered by petrol and compressed natural gas.

But from April 1, drivers of diesel-powered vehicles who do not comply with the rule could face a composition fine of up to $500, or be prosecuted in court, the Singapore Customs said.

Drivers may also be required to perform a U-turn at the land checkpoints if they are caught committing the offence.

In the statement, the Singapore Customs also urged drivers to follow the rule to avoid any inconvenience to their overseas trips.

The agency has also informed logistics and transport associations of this change as well as put up posters to remind drivers at the land checkpoints.

The public can refer to the Singapore Customs website for more information.