‘Collision? What collision?’: Motorist accused of rear-ending taxi claims there was no crash

Posted on November 02, 2017.

SMRT Taxis is seeking more than $2,000 in losses after one of its cabbies claimed to have been rear-ended by a car on the Central Expressway (CTE) in July.

But the other motorist said no such collision with the taxi took place, and has pictures to prove his case.

While it is now being investigated by MSIG Insurance, the driver of the car, corporate trainer Chia Hock Herng, 43, and his wife Roseline Fong, who is in her early 40s, have recently aired their side of the story on a blog.

MSIG Insurance is Mr Chia’s insurer. He told The Straits Times last week that the cabby had hit the brakes suddenly while Mr Chia was driving his Audi at about 70kmh on the CTE heading north, before the Moulmein exit, at around 9pm on July 6. While he said he managed to stop and avoid a collision with the taxi, a Honda Stream behind Mr Chia hit his car, scratching the Audi’s rear bumper.

Mr Chia said he settled the repairs privately with the Honda driver, Mr Ken Ang, 37, for about $250. A week after the incident, Mr Chia was informed by MSIG that an accident report had been made against him.

Earlier this month, he received a $2,114 claim from SMRT Taxis, sent to MSIG. Recounting the events that evening, Mr Chia said that the cabby also got out of his vehicle, appearing to want to help them, but later claimed his taxi was hit…